Dental, Vision and Hearing Insurance

Protect the Rest of You

Original Medicare won't pay for most of your dental or vision needs. Hearing coverage is likewise not included. Some Medicare Advantage plans may have some coverage for some of these services. But most of the time, if you want coverage to help with costs for dental, vision or hearing, you should consider the purchase of a "stand alone" DVH plan.

We understand that different consumers have different needs and priorities. Some want dental coverage for preventative care while others might want to cover dental, vision and hearing at a higher level. Often people have been using the same dentist for many years and would like to be able to keep their provider. If that describes you, we have plans that will fit your needs. In fact, no matter what your priorities and budget are, we will find the plan that fits those needs.

One thing to be careful of when comparing dental or vision plans is something called the "UCR". This acronym refers to the "Usual, Customary and Reasonable" charges of a given area. Sometimes people have a prodedure done and believe that their plan will cover a certain percentage of that service. But they can receive an unwelcome surprise if they are working with a provider who charges more than the UCR for the area. Generally, you can either ask your provider if he/she will accept the scheduled payment from the carrier, select a PPO plan and make sure your provider is on the plan, or we can direct you to a plan that allows you to use any provider and will pay off the provider schedule rather than off of the UCR.

Since these services are so important to many of our clients, we offer a variety of plans and carriers to best fit your needs. Coverage and prices vary, so please let us know what you're looking for. You can obtain a free quote by clicking the link below.