How much do you charge?

Good news! We never charge our clients for our services. We get paid by the insurance carriers we represent. So you can meet with us in full confidence. Your interests are our interests. We will never pressure you to do anything and we will never charge you anything for the time we spend together.

I'm new to Medicare and am overwhelmed. Can you help?

Absolutely! We offer a no-charge, "New to Medicare" meeting that is designed to make things simple to understand. When we're done, you'll be crystal clear on how Medicare works and what your options are. You'll also understand the various advantages and disadvantages of your options. And if you decide to enroll, we offer multiple carriers to choose from.

Which is better? Original Medicare or Medicare Advantage?

Neither approach is "better" for everyone. Each has their own advantages and disadvantages. It's important to understand these differences in order to make an educated decision regarding your health plan. We invite you to consider each approach by scheduling a free, in-home consultation. 

My budget is tight. How can I save money?

This is our specialty. Nobody does a better job of finding ways for their clients to save money than we do. We contract with multiple insurance carriers for this express purpose. We also hold regular plan reviews, compare prescription costs specific to your needs with various plans and even have additional, non-insurance resources to help you save money on prescription drug costs. We can also help prequalify and refer you to various government agencies in the event you need help and qualify for paying drug or health costs. 

Is Medicare stable? Is it going to be here when I need it?

Nobody knows how things will change, but most of the problems you hear about on the news are concerning the under 65, individual health market. Medicare certainly has its own challenges, but the program is relatively stable. There are no plans to make major overhauls for the foreseeable future. 

Aren't all insurance agents the same?

There is a wide variety of qualities such as integrity, commitment to service, ability and knowledge spread out across the field of agents. We won't toot our own horn here. Instead, we invite you to ask our clients about us. They've seen us in action. They know.