New to Medicare

Turning 65

When one becomes eligible for Medicare, either by turning 65 or by obtaining permanent disability status, it is a new healthcare world. The old rules no longer apply and the new rules can be overwhelming and confusing. 

We're here to help. We can answer questions such as:

    1. When should I begin?

    2. Will my doctor take Medicare?

    3. What if I travel?

    4. Will my prescriptions be covered?

    5. What is Part A and Part B?

    6. Are there any alternatives?

    7. Should I stay on my group plan?

    8. How can I compare my options to make sure I'm on an appropriate plan?

The best way to begin is at the beginning. The National Council on Aging has published an excellent online resource - a checklist - that can help you decide what and when things need to be done. You can view this guide at 

We normally want to meet with you about 3 months prior to your Medicare eligibility date. Your eligibility date is normally the first day of your 65th birthday month. But it's a good idea to have an initial conversation about 6 months prior to that time. We'll need to discuss your current plan, how to sign up for Medicare and whether or not that will happen automatically. Also, if you have any special circumstances, it could be helpful to begin things early.

You can call us at the phone number listed above, or simply go to the "More" tab, select "Contact Us" and fill out the form. We'll be notified and reach out to you promptly.